Pastor Emmett & Deborah Johnson

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Pastor Emmett & Minister Deborah Johnson are natives of Augusta, Ga. They are the founders and current Ministry Leaders of Gateway Ministries, a non-profit organization and church located in Millbrook, AL. Professionally, they are educators and business owners. They believe if there is a biblical foundation, a sound plan, it will produce a structure of faith that is full of potential and power.

Their voices reverberate across pulpits and through airways with a charismatic flair to touch, change, and challenge the Body of Christ to victory. They extend their support to those in need and have a heart of compassion for the hurting with a message of empowerment to the oppressed.

Beyond the pulpit, Pastor Johnson is known as an in-season apostolic preacher that is reachable. He is an infectious leader, visionary, and proactive thinker. He serves and leads a plethora of community, civic and church organizations. He is the Overseer for Ministries in Jamaica and in Antigua, and serves as the Operational Liaison for the churches in covenant relationship under the covering of Anointed Remnant Global Assemblies, Bishop Willie L. Bradley.

He holds degrees from Faulkner University, Excelsior University, The Community College of the Air Force, and will confer his Graduate Degree in Early Childhood education in December 2016. He is a retired veteran of the US Army after 27 years of honorable service.

Minister Deborah Bowers-Johnson is a specialist in early childhood development, the Operational Director/Manager and co-owner of the Wetumpka Preschool & Periscope Child Development Center, a prayer warrior, preacher, teacher and counselor to women. The Johnson’s have been married for 36 years. To this union God blessed them with four biological children, seven grandchildren, and a surplus of sons and daughters that know them as mom and dad. Pastor Emmett & Minister Deborah Johnson credits their family upbringing and God’s grace and mercy as the source of their perseverance and endurance.

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