Bishop Fred Adetunji

Frederick Adetunji is a native of Nigeria and Ghana and a long time resident of London, England where as a young adult he was a cultural dance artist for his country.  He first visited the United States in 1993 and became born again.  By divine appointment, he revisited the United States in 1998 and met his wife Tijuanna where they now reside and have four children.  He began to assist the Presiding Bishop Kyle Searcy and Pastor Kemi Searcy in growing what is now Fresh Anointing House of Worship (FAHOW) into a thriving church that seeks to exalt the Lord extend the kingdom and empower the people. He is currently the Director of Missions and Pastoral Care.


As he served faithfully for many years he was Brother Fred.  In 2002 he was ordained an Elder and was later ordained a Pastor in 2007.  He was charged as the International Missions Director (IMD) in 2009 and has been instrumental in planting several churches in Ghana, Liberia, Republic of Benin and Congo West Africa.  He oversees 150 fellowship churches in those same regions.  He was consecrated a Bishop in February 2014. He has assisted many of the FAHOW and Fellowship churches in evangelism and apostolic development in addition to coordinating annual mission trips for those wanting to share their faith abroad by visiting the fatherless and widows in their affliction (James 1:27).

He is the author of Coming Out From Behind The Door, a book that teaches men how to overcome personal struggles. He is also the founder of “The Great Exchange,” a four-year old initiative with 250 young adults spreading the gospel throughout the Ashanti, Brongahafo, Volta, Central and Greater Accra Regions in West Africa.   He has studied at Liberty University and Bexley College in England.

Bishop Fred Adetunji

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