Dear Pastors,
We are so thankful and excited that you have shown an interest in the Fresh Oil Fellowship of Churches. God is bringing kindred minds together in spirit and in truth. Becoming a part of this Fellowship is simple and easy.

Method One:
Manual Membership Application
All you have to do is Download and complete the Membership Application, submit payment and mail it to our International Headquarters.

Fresh Oil Fellowship of Churches International
c/o bishop Fred adetunji | 150E. Fleming Road | Montgomery Alabama 36105


Method Two:
Online Membership Application
Complete the Online Membership Application and pay Membership fee online.

Categories Of Affiliation


There are two levels of affiliation for churches or individuals that desire participation in the Fresh Oil Fellowship of Churches:


    • Membership churches or individuals are ordained through FOFCI.
    • Members look to the fellowship as their primary source of equipping, oversight and accountability
    • Partnership churches and or ministers are for those churches that desire affiliation with FOFCI and partake in fellowship and personal ministry.
    • Partner churches are primarily accountable to another ministry.
    • Churches that desire partnership will need to fill out an application or complete our house manual.
    • Partnership churches are friends of the ministry and are co-laborers.

Criteria For Manual Membership Application

Step One

Download and Complete the Fresh Oil Fellowship of Churches International Membership Application along with sponsor (person who referred you) information.

Step Two

Submit Application Fee of $50

Step Three

Make Commitment for yourself, your Church, Ministry or Fellowship to be in agreement and alignment with “What We Believe”.

Step Four

Complete an interview with FOCOCI leadership.

Step Five

Receipt of Decision letter from Membership Committee.

The Application Fee: $50.00

There is a non-refundable Application Fee of $50.00. Every applicant is subject to this fee and it is required at the time applicants submit the Membership Application.

What our organization Offers:

  • Prayer – We will regularly and consistently pray for you and your congregation.
  • Discounts on books, messages and periodicals distributed through the ministry.
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Membership event rates
  • Members who are authors can link their books
  • Apostolic counsel
  • Opportunity to be a part of a united body of Believers who not only believe in, but actually foster biblical unity among Christian Believers as one Body in Christ

What our organization Offers:

  • Annual Pastor’s Retreat
  • Annual Convocation
  • Discount passes to events and conferences.
  • Apostolic/prophetic team ministry
  • Personal ministry sessions during conferences and events
  • Resource packets and free downloads
  • Opportunity to be a part of a united body of Believers who not only believe in, but actually foster biblical unity among Christian Believers as one Body in Christ.

What our organization Offers:

  • Implementation strategies and support for the planting and development of existing and new churches.
  • Short term mission opportunities for your church.
  • Spiritual Covering by our Presiding Bishop
  • Genuine fellowship with Pastors across the globe.
  • Certificate membership and card
  • Access to personal and Ministry Development courses

What are member Expectations

  • What are member Expectations
  • Pray for FOFOCI and leadership often
  • Maintain integrity of organization through ministry and character as God has called us to Holiness.
  • Participate in annual retreat and convocation
  • Interact and connect with other FOFOC’s
  • Keep membership fees current